As one of the top ten media buyers in the United States for over forty years, I resisted creating a web presence for my company. I had run the whole operation over the phone for decades.

When finally I broke down and decided I needed a fancy website to fortify the company, I looked at various ads for companies that offered package deals, SEO—you know the deal.

There were literally thousands of them!

The first ad I responded to took my money and made a juvenile website that drew absolutely NO traffic!

I went to a local college here and asked the multimedia professor for his best student and that guy, while well meaning, had no clue about what my company needed to have an effective web presentation.

I needed to roll up my sleeves and search out this matter in greater detail. Again and again, a company located in the tiny town of French Lick, Indiana came up, especially associated with SEO services Louisville. That company was QC’s Web Design and SEO (

Geographic Challenge? No!

So, while we’re in Jersey, the Internet is worldwide and my next move might have been to outsource the work to some foreigners.

Something inside of me told me that finding just the right domestic company would better serve my company and I was right!

So you might ask, why would I pick a company that always came up first in the search rankings for SEO services Louisville?

Because they’re smart, that’s why! QC’s Web Design and SEO immediately knew what I was seeking and they created a temp site for me to review and approve.

The site looked awesome!

I later realized that the great job they did was the result of their having listened carefully to my needs and then implementing them with the precision and expertise I was seeking in a company that optimized websites for SEO services Louisville and well beyond.

And then after that I learned that the company’s founder, Quentin, had been measured with an IQ of over 200! This was unbelievable and the guys that tested him thought it must be a mistake so they tested him again. Sure enough! He aced the test again.

The truth is, it takes a smart guy . . . a really smart guy to listen to your needs and help you establish the right web presence and employ just the right HTML-centric graphics that work properly on the web across all platforms and QC’s Web Design and SEO has got all the right ju-ju to make that happen for you, too!

Summary Conclusion

While I still make deals on the phone all day long, my website is something I never have to worry about again because I found QC’s Web Design and SEO and they took care of all the heavy lifting for me. Whether you Google SEO services Louisville (the closest big town near French Lick, IN) or you just want to find domestic people who know what their doing in web design and search engine optimization, you will find no better and no greater effective people to help you than QC’s Web Design and SEO. I highly recommend them!

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