We Will Soon Be Opening An Important New Office In Wichita, Kansas!

Early next year (in Feb, 2017) Monmouth-NJ-Spot will soon be opening a major new office in Wichita, Kansas. The office will be on South Euclid Street, right next to the offices of the famous Roofing Wichita Company (www.roofingwichitaks.com).

For those of you who are keeping count, this will be the 17th office that we have opened in the last four years. We are growing; we are certainly growing.

We started, of course, as one of New Jersey’s leading buyers of commercial spot TV and radio time. But now we’re not just a leader in New Jersey, but also in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and a dozen other places too.

And early next year we will be opening our new office in Wichita, which will be a very important one for us.

Our master plan for growth sees us as putting most of our expansion efforts into the Midwest over the next few years; the heartland of America is our prime target.

Ever since Bruce Witherspoon became president and CEO of Monmouth-NJ-Spot two years ago, he has had his eyes on the Midwest.


And it’s not just because he was born and raised there (in Omaha, Nebraska), but because he sees that area as an untapped reservoir of demand, and a place with very little serious competition.

No other spot time buyer in the Midwest knows how to do it like Monmouth-NJ-Spot does, because none of them cut their teeth on the most intensely competitive spot time buying area in the entire country: the New York, New Jersey corridor.

Bruce has asked me to get all of you, (the best spot buyers in the world!) all fired up with the potential that is waiting for us in the American heartland.

So over the next few days I will be publishing a series of blog posts that will unveil to you just exactly what his overall, long-term strategy is.

Please stay tuned for all the coming excitement!

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